The Little Things 0.01

The little choices, the little things that we do, can often turn into great big monstrous life decisions that we never saw coming. Many people say they are called to a craft or a trade. It could be said that everyone is called to something, the difference my friend, is that you answered. You decided to learn, teach, do, travel, or adventure along whatever path called to your heart the most.

For the Smith of Five Shield Forge becoming a Bladesmith was not always the master plan. There was always a curiosity for it, certainly, fueled by games like Dungeons & Dragons, stories like The Lord Of The Rings, and films of swashbucklers and adventure! With such romanticized instances as those being thrust upon an impressionable young mind it seems fulfilling for it to have led to this. A forge being owned and operated by a kid-at-heart.

Five Shield Forge seeks to bring new ideas to a truly ancient craft, and seeks to do it in an environment that promotes the education and understanding of that which it pursues. Know the history behind something, learn the science behind how and why it works. We have the technology, that doesn’t mean that an automation can replace what a Bladesmith does, it means that he can perform his craft with that much more of a connection to its past, mechanics, and its future.

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