A Railroad Spike Knife

Railroad Spike Knife

This knife was made from a high-carbon steel Railroad Spike. The top, or flat head, of the spike had a raised “HC” on it. This is generally accepted as a sign that the spike has a higher carbon content than a generic sample. The reality however is that most high-carbon spikes still do not have enough carbon to make a highly versatile blade. A railroad spike is an excellent beginners piece. The skills required to form it into a knife will continue to serve a smith throughout his career. The steel itself is hardy, but not resilient. This particular blade was not put under any cross-stress in the onscreen testing here. It was not made clear in the video, but these clips were to show just how durable a Railroad Spike is. It didn’t crack, roll the edge, or curl the point, despite being thrown with some force. There will, as a general rule, not be an explosive or fracture-based failure of the blade.

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